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apt install dbench


dbench [options]numclients
tbench [options]numclientsserver tbench_srv [options]

Folder yang akan di test /mnt/public yang di link ke salah satu SMB Server yang akan di test Gunakan client.txt bawaan dari dbench

dbench --directory=/mnt/public/ --loadfile=/usr/share/dbench/client.txt --skip-cleanup 20

Switch --skip-cleanup menentukan berapa concurrent worker / proses yang akan di pekerjakan untuk melakukan benchmarking tersebut


-c client.txt
       Use  this  as  the  full  path  name  of  the  client.txt  file  (the  default   is
-s     Use synchronous file IO on all file operations.
       set the runtime of the benchmark in seconds (default 600)
-D DIR set the base directory to run the filesystem operations in
-x     enable  xattr support, simulating the xattr operations Samba4 would need to perform
       to run the load
-S     Use synchronous IO for all directory operations (unlink, rmdir, mkdir and rename).
       The tbench program takes a number, which indicates the number  of  clients  to  run
       simultaneously,  and  a  server  name:  tbench_srv should be invoked on that server
       before invoking tbench.  tbench can also take the following options:
-T option[,...]
       This sets the socket options for the connection to the server.  The options  are  a
       comma-separated  list  of one or more of the following: SO_KEEPALIVE, SO_REUSEADDR,
       SO_RCVBUF=number,  SO_SNDLOWAT=number,  SO_RCVLOWAT=number,  SO_SNDTIMEO=number,and
       SO_RCVTIMEO=number.  See socket(7) for details about these options.
       The tbench_srv can only take one option: -T option[,...]  as documented above.

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