Wawancara tentang Kiat Sukses

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1. How he improved his personal development so that he can be at his current position

Basically, everything depends on the purpose of one's life.

As a lecturer / teacher, there are basically two (2) main objectives, namely, (1) get as many people as possible to gain the benefit from my knowledge, and (2) since my focus is in technology field, I have to follow and participate in developing the technology itself.

In the first objective, gradually develop methods to disseminate knowledge not limited to those in campus. Write books, articles, give seminars, technology demonstrations up to workshops. Spread the knowledge via e-Learning, Wiki, even channel on YouTube. Everything starts from simple and small, now the e-learning server https://lms.onnocenter.or.id/moodle has 31,000+ students, and is used by many schools and campuses to provide lessons / lectures for students / college student. The OnnoCenter Youtube Channel has more than 3500 subscribers with more than 400+ videos around the IT and digital world. Discussions are mostly conducted via @onnowpurbo twitter with more than 350,000 followers, facebook page onno.w.purbo 100,000+ followers, and linkedin 2000+ followers.

For the second objective, I involve in a lot of discussion with the community and followers in social media, on technology topics. Basically, they are looking for solutions on how to get faster internet and cheaply, and if possible to call free. Start experimenting and developing the needed technology while of course writing books, wiki pages, and tutorials around the topic while continuing to discuss on social media. Therefore each posting will likely to receive a lot of positive responses from my followers and students because it really suits their needs.

2. how he improved his communication so that people or his staff/followers can understand him better.

The form of communication with staff and students on campus, as well as followers on social media is actually relatively simple. Communication may not only be a one-way command, communication is done interactively, two directions so that each may understand and adjust what is needed and what is intended / wanted.

The desire of staffs, students, and followers on social media is actually not much different and relatively simple. Most staffs and students want success, career advancement, get A grades. This can be done easily by showing simple ways to complete their assignments. To get an A, I require all students to do their online mind-test and final exams repeatedly through e-learning so that usually at the end of the semester all students get an A.

For followers on social media, especially in the field of technology, they are looking for a solution to how to get a cheap and fast Internet, how as well as free calls. I started writing books, wikis, tutorials about the topic while continuing to discuss social media. Therefore what I post will usually get a lot of positive responses from my followers and students because it really suits their needs.