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EduAir (Formerly Kwiizi) from Cameroon is the concept name to offer a better education via digital with or without the internet. Their work focuses on the design of portable and open media libraries in the form of Boxes with solar energy giving access to millions of educational content and offering an integrated communication system where learners can make video calls within the local network deployed by the Box []

Project Tawasol Tunisia

IEEE Sight in Tunisia developed Raspberry Pi operated devices with hard disks that can be updated periodically with relevant content such as Wikipedia pages, TED Talks and other educational content from the Internet. They are capable of automatically updating content when connected to Wi-Fi or 3G networks. []

ICT Centre Uganda


Low Quality Mobile Video

In  developing  countries,  many  would-be  mobile  internet users    perceive    downloadable    video    content    as    too expensive. Aggressively degrading this video could reduce its file size and therefore its cost. The studies presented here explore  extreme  cases  of  this  quality/cost  trade-off  for mobile  phone  users  in  urban  India.  A  series  of  online studies tested the effects of manipulating a video’s content, bit rate, frame rate, and audio quality on quality ratings and enjoyment.  Results  show  that  video  quality  and  thus  file size can be greatly reduced with relatively little decrease in these outcomes. A field experiment with low-income users in urban India explored consumers’ choices when presented with  a  trade-off  between  video  quantity  and  quality  and found  that  nearly  one-third  selected  a  lower  quality  video for the benefit of more video  content. Results suggest that offering   lower-quality   videos   to   bandwidth-constrained users  could  provide  monetary  savings  with  only  minimal reduction in consumer satisfaction. []


SolarSpell - Library powered by Raspberry Pi, with Wifi access point []


Kiwix ( []) Kiwix is a free app that allows you to search and read Wikipedia without an Internet connection. Available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux.


BluePoint Integrated content delivery through meshwifi/GSM/bluetooth... including offline environments []

Pranala Menarik