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GNU Radio adalah sebuah toolkit free software untuk belajar tentang cara membuat dan menjalankan sistem software-defined radio. Di mulai tahun 2001, GNURadio saat ini merupakan proyek resmi dari GNU project. Philanthropist John Gilmore memulai dan mempertahankan GNURadio dengan dana $320,000 (US) kepada Eric Blossom untuk membuat program dan pekerjaan proyek manajemen. GNURadio di release menggunakan lisensi GPL version 3 license.

GNU Radio is a signal processing package, which is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The goal is to give ordinary software people the ability to 'hack' the electromagnetic spectrum, that is, to understand the radio spectrum and think of clever ways to use it.

As with all software-defined radio systems, reconfigurability is the key feature. Instead of purchasing multiple expensive radios, a single more generic radio is purchased, which feeds into powerful signal processing software (GNU Radio, in this case). Currently only a few forms of radio are duplicated in GNU Radio, but if one understands the math of a radio transmission system, one can reconfigure GNU Radio to receive it.

GNU Radio began as a fork of the Pspectra code that was developed by the SpectrumWare project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2004 a complete rewrite of the GNU Radio was completed, so today GNU Radio doesn't contain any of the original Pspectra code. Also of note is that the Pspectra codebase has been used as the foundation of the commercial Vanu Software Radio. In September 2010, Eric Blossom stepped down as project manager and was replaced by Tom Rondeau. Tom is a graduate of Virginia Tech and is an expert in Cognitive radio and a long time contributor to GNU Radio.

The GNU Radio project utilizes the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) which is a digital acquisition (DAQ) system containing four 64 mega sample-per-second (MS/s) 12-bit analog-to-digital (A to D) converters, four 128 MS/s 14-bit digital-to-analog (D to A) converters, and support circuitry including a high-speed USB 2.0 interface. The USRP is capable of processing signals up to 16 MHz wide. Several transmitter and receiver plug-in daughter boards are available covering various bands between 0 and 5.9 GHz. The USRP was developed by Matt Ettus.

Version history

This is the version history, latest first:

Version Date
3.3.0 06/03/2010
3.2.2 07/15/2009
3.2.1 07/06/2009
3.2 05/24/2009
3.1.3 08/23/2008
3.1.2 03/24/2008
3.1.1 11/05/2007
3.1.0 10/22/2007
3.0.4 07/27/2007
3.0.3 03/01/2007
3.0.2 11/15/2006
3.0.1 11/08/2006
3.0 10/08/2006
2.8 04/15/2006
2.7 04/03/2006
2.6 12/09/2005
2.5 03/03/2005
2.4 02/02/2005
2.3 11/04/2004
2.2 10/11/2004


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