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apt install iperf

Benchmarking IPv6

Server side:

iperf -s -m -V

Client side:

iperf -c <IPv6 Server> -V>
iperf -c <IPv4 Server>

Benchmark UDP Jitter

iperf -s -u -i 1 -V
iperf -s -u -l 32k -w 128k -i 1 -V
iperf -c <IPv6 Server> -u -b 10m -V
iperf -c <IPv4 Server> -u -b 10m


Use the -F or -I option. If you want to test how your network performs with compressed / uncompressed streams, just create representative streams and use the -F option to test it. This is usually due to the link layer compressing data.

The -F option is for file input.
The -I option is for input from stdin.


Client: $ iperf -c <server address> -F <file-name>
Client: $ iperf -c <server address> -I